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About Artistic Entryways & Millwork Co

We don’t want to just make you a door. We want to create a beautiful Artistic Entryway that will leave an impression. This is the doorway your friends, family, and possibly clients and customers will enter every day. We believe in providing you with the best quality available on the market.


A Rich Family History

Artistic Entryways & Millwork Co., Inc. is a company rich with history, quality, and craftsmanship. The family owned  business opened its doors in 1982. President Ray Limas and Vice President Frank Limas garnered their inspiration for the business from their father Francisco Limas. Francisco taught his sons everything he knew about wood and millwork, who then went on to start the family business. The business started with cabinets and doors, but the demand for doors quickly grew. Artistic Entryways was the only company providing custom doorways back then. The incorporation happened in 1986 and the company built the 6,000 square foot warehouse.


The Process

When you decide you want to build a custom project we take the time to listen to your ideas. It is best if you have photos as a reference. We take the time to understand what kind of style you are looking for and what your expectations are.

Once we have a clear vision for the project, we will can create a photo rendering of your unique, custom door and entryway. If you are satisfied with the outcome we will move forward. However, if the project is not exactly what you are hoping for, we will take the time to perfect it.


Superior Quality

At our shop, we only offer the best name brands in the market. We believe in providing our clients with superior quality. Our craftsmen provide the finishing touches with supreme care. From sanding, priming, to finishing.


Every effort is poured into the product with precise attention to detail. Our experts take the time to install the project properly so that you are left with an entryway that will deliver a great impression. You will be able to welcome your guests with unique style.


Quality Craftsmanship

Our team of talented craftsmen take the time to deliver high-quality millwork at our 6,000 square foot production facility located in Sunland Park, New Mexico, right on the El Paso border. We use oak, mahogany, cherry, knotty alder, walnut, and other high-quality woods. Our craftsmen pay attention to the fine details like sanding down to 150 grit and applying base evenly to create unadulterated colored finishes. We believe the door we create is a piece of furniture that should last. Our team also creates custom made wrought iron doors.

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